Defendant Harris Takes The Stand In Murder Trial

Dressed demurely in a high-necked shirt and slacks, Harris spoke in a peaceful voice that was often at odds with the rough marital life she has actually led.

Harris stated she initially met Bob Harris when she was 13 and remainingsticking with her household at a lodge on the Eel River. He and his papa taught her ways to fish and he remained to visit her over the summertime.

Later on Colleen relocated to Montana, where she satisfied and wed Larry Dodge. Living in Montana for 5 years, Colleen recounted how she found outdiscovered how to fish and hunt. Colleen, her other half and 3 children then left Montana and began traveling from one state to another. However her relationship was on rocky premises, with Colleen alleging that her partner began messing around with other females, having 15 mistresses over 7 years.

Leaving her husband due to the fact that of his infidelity and abuse of their youngsters, Colleen moved from New York back to Montana. Driving an old bus converted into a van, Colleen said she would spend for gas by drawing into a gas station, filling it up and after that providing to work off the expense of the gasoline. Arriving in Montana, they had no money, so they moved into an abandoned cabin. Colleen stated she hunted to supplement their food budget plan and worked at odd jobstasks. She attempted integrating with Dodge but stated he began abusing the youngsters. Throughout one altercation, Colleen pointed a weapon at Dodge and threatened to shoot him. Colleen and her youngsters then went back to California and the couple separated.

Colleen fulfilled her second other half, Jim Batten, after hiring him to do some survey work for her. Following a courtship, they wed and Colleen became includedassociated with Battens checking company.

Issues in the marital relationship emerged later when Colleen learned that her 16-year-old child Tawnie was having an affair with Batten. It was like a knife in my heart, stated Colleen. She said she confronted Batten and told him to obtain out, at one point taking a gun from a night table, pointing it at him, stating shed blow his avoid. Batten was later detained and required to prison.

The household reunited and Harris dropped the charges. But the marital relationship continued to degrade, with Harris declaring that Batten told her there would be no divorce and hed kill her first.

The climax to their marital relationship came when she said he tried to require her to perform foreplay on him at the point of a weapon. She said she was gagging and heard a click and believed he had shot her. I was in a daze, she said. She then answered a call from her father and informed him, Jims on the floor and hes bleeding. Later on detained and charged with murder, Harris said she didnt bear in mind anything about the trial where she was found not guilty of murder.

After the trial, Bob Harris called her and said he was going through a divorce. As their relationship developed, in 1990 Bob asked her to marry him. As soon as wed, the couple resided in a house in Placerville had by Colleen, but likewise owned a cabin in Tahoe that was in Bobs name.

Long lasting 22 years, Colleen said the marital relationship was excellent up until the end. He was so tender and soft. A great man, she stated. In 1997, Bob retired as a United States Forest Service manager and became involvedassociated with other activities, including a job at Lake Tahoe and one in Mongolia where he would spend months at a time.

During the marriage the couple separated and after that remarried for monetary reasons. In 2005, Colleen wanted to retire but Bob informed her he couldnt pay for the residence payments on his retirement alone. So they divorced so Colleen could certifyget social security through her prior husband. Once she got social security, they remarried.

Colleen affirmed she initially discovered her partner was having an affair with a female in Mongolia on their wedding event anniversary. I had no clue and might not think it, she said in court, stating he was in Mongolia when she discovered of the affair.

When Bob returned, Colleen stated she hacked into his computer system and discovered all kinds of stuff. Angry, she took all his belongings and left them at the cabin in Tahoe.

Inquired about any weapons in the houseyour home, Colleen stated after her trial for Battens death she offered all the weapons in the residence. Nevertheless, she said Bob had discovered an old gun stored in a barn and alsoas well as had a handgun. But Colleen swore she never touched the gun that killed him till the night he was shot.

Towards the beginning of November 2012, Colleen stated she was scheduled for hip surgery and Bob offered to take care of her after she was launched from the hospital. So he moved his belongings from Tahoe back to Placerville.

Still seeking to restore their marital relationship, on Jan. 5, 2013, Colleen stated her husband was in the cooking area dealing with his laptop computer system when he went outside to take a phone call. Harris stated she glanced at the laptop computer and saw that the contact number was from the lady in Mongolia. Saying about it, in the eveningat night they saw a film together and afterwards he went to bed.

Colleen said at some point later on she climbed into bed with him and asked forgiveness. She stated she was providing him a neck massage when she felt something cold and metal in the bed. She questioned if he planned to eliminate himself or her. Why do you have this in the bed? she asked him.

He told me to get the f *** far from him and pushed me, she stated. I felt something struck me in the chest. Something hard hit me. I type of idea it may be the gun.

She stated she faced the gun in the pitch black room. I opened my eyes and it was really quiet and dark, she stated. Colleen said she asked Bob if he was OK. She rose, believed he was having a nose bleed, and asked him once again if he was OKAY. She said she then switched on the light, put on her glasses and saw the most terrible thing Ive seen in my life. Oh no, this cant be, she stated, as she cried. After a long time, I understood he was dead and I couldnt do anything about it.

Distraught, Colleen stated she stayed at the home however didnt call the authorities. Then seeing Bobs coin collection book, she believed she neededhad to do something to protect his important coin collection by taking it to her child so he might pass it on to Bobs family. I wanted to secure it for him, she stated. It was so crucial to him.

Kept in a safe and in one of the rooms, Colleen packed the coins in the automobile along with among the guns. Then she went to the Bay Area to put them in her sons garage. Heading home, she explained herself as being stressed and in a fog over what and why it took place. If I had actually simply neglected what had actually occurred between him and that lady, none of this would have happened, she remembered believing.

Near the city of Davis, she stated she blacked out and her car began spinning. 2 men came by to assistto assist while she called the AAA Club. One man drove her back to the highway and in the procedure she lost her mobile phone. Under questioning, Colleen denied throwing it away although its whereabouts remains unknown.

Back at housein your home, she said she sat in the car for a while and then entered into the bedroom. Bob was certainly dead, she remembered. She called her attorney David Weiner, who later on called authorities. While waiting she saw blood and flesh hanging from the ceiling and needed toilet tissue to try to clean it off.

Asked about her mental state at the time, she described herself as being in a fog with gray shadows around me. I felt my entire life I had actually failed at everything. She said she even pondered suicide.

Questioned about a contusion on her chest, Harris said after being detained she was analyzed at Marshall Medical Center and later by someone from the District Lawyer Workplace. Having had no sleep from Jan. 5 through the Jan. 7, she said she was, really stressed, extremely troubled.

That comment concluded Harris testimony. Cross-examination of Harris is set for Tuesday, April 7.