PRC Approves Transfer Of Harvest Gold Water Supply

AV Water lawyer Germaine Chappelle said Iuppenlatz does not have adequate cash to paythe about 130 subscription fees. The ratecost for those subscription charges rangesfrom almost $82,000 to $130,000.

Iuppenlatz affirmed throughout a PRC conference onWednesday that he was considering filing personal bankruptcy due to the huge amountof penalties levied against him.When asked why

he believes the penalties must be waived, Iuppenlatz said he took control of management of the water supply in September when his organisation companions backed out. He said he was advised not to take control of administration, yet he desiredintended to do the appropriate thing.Its been the most awful choice I ever before made, Iuppenlatz said.In its authorization of the transfer, the PRC

stated that Iuppenlatzpay$30,000. The bulk of that cash will certainly be made use of to pay for mineral water shipments to Harvest Gold clients that have actually taken locationhappened. The staying money could be made use of for running expenses for the brand-newAV Water lawyer Germaine Chappelle stated Iuppenlatz does not have sufficient loan to paythe approximately 130 subscription charges. The bulk of that cash will certainly be used to pay for bottled water shipments to Harvest Gold customers that have actually taken location. The remaining cash could be made use of for running prices for the brand-new system.